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CREATE FROM YOUR IMAGINATION is the world's leading AI platform for image and video generation.
The world's Most PowerfulMultimodality Foundation Model possesses the only global base model that simultaneously supports four modalities (text, image, video, 3D models), with both proprietary data and model parameters exceeding 13 billion.
Enhancing Human Creativity and Productivity with Generative AI.
Our leading technology Pixeling empowers our customers to effortlessly generate ultra-precise, hyper-realistic, and highly controllable visual content; images, videos, and 3D models.
AI Video Generation
Text to videoType any prompt and watch it come to life.
Image to videoTake any image and transform it into a captivating video.
Video to videoChange the style of any video with the help of AI.
A swam of fishes in the ocean with coral reef and sunlight streaming in
AI Image Generation
Text to ImageEnter any prompt to create images of your dreams.
Image to ImageCreate stunning new images from existing ones.
Image Quality EnhancementImprove the quality of any image in seconds.
HD Studio
Our newest AIGC video generation tool designed creators.
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Video GenerationTurn images into stunning videos
Edit certain areasChange any area in a photo in seconds
Expand imagesMake your images more interesting with the help of AI
AI CutoutOnly take what you need from an image
Quality ChangeImprove the quality of any image
PixMaker -AIGC for E-CommerceGenerate attractive product images for your e-commerce business in seconds.
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Enhancing human creativity and productivity with generative AI.